About WORDS of 100™

What are the books about?

The WORDS of 100 book series is focused on targeted occupations. In-depth surveys are conducted with 100 people currently working in those occupations to gather the most current information about what they experience on a daily basis. We develop books that clearly communicate industry and occupation trends, issues, concerns and opportunities in a way that offers an unrivaled connection with others in the same position.

Why should I purchase a book?

Connecting with others who genuinely understand your world can be very empowering. It can boost your confidence when you’re feeling hesitant about the direction you should be setting, and it can offer you much needed support when you need it most. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel like you weren’t alone in your thinking… your excitement… your challenges… your vision… your experiences... and especially your decisions?

Do I have to work in that occupation to purchase a book?

Not at all. You may be someone who works with a person who is in the position we write about, you may be in a related field or industry, or you may want to pursue the occupation. Whatever your reasons, anyone can purchase our WORDS of 100 books.